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the tigh family

I’ve know E for a zillion years now- I met her when she took my scrapbook class at the rec center and then she was a great babysitter to the boys for years. I was so excited when she purchased a session for her, her 3 siblings and their significant others for their mom for mothers day. After having to reschedule, we ended up with a great (but HOT) day for our session. And you know, I had no idea her brothers even existed until the day of the shoot. Sad but true. I was so happy to meet everyone and I think we got the shoot done with the minimum of stress on everyone. Hope Mom enjoys the pictures!!


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the mcca family

A brand new to bsquared family that I finally had the pleasure to photograph. After rescheduling no fewer than 3 times (weather, weather and weather!) we finally got a perfect evening at the beach (besides a little wind). They are such a happy, close knit family and it really was so much fun for me to photograph them. Their son, the eldest, is off to college in a few weeks so this shoot was extra special to them. I got a little carried away with the amount of pictures, but they were so great to shoot I couldn’t decide which to post! Gorgeous light, gorgeous family!


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timmy graduates elementary school

And just like that, 12 consecutive years at the same school for me are all over. So weird. A few from the rest of the graduation festivities.

First day and last day. 6 years and a world apart.


Timmy won the Presidential Award (academic award). Big, huge thanks to his awesome teacher Ms. Linker for all of her hard work getting him there!!


First day of K, last day at graduation.


Timmy and his BFF Jack on the last day of K, and at graduation.

web34 copy


The amazing Ms. Linker. She had his number since day one!



Timmy and Olivia at K graduation, and real graduation.


web32 copy


Timmy and James on 1st day of 3rd grade and on the last day of 5th grade.

web7 copy


Ok, I’m going to go cry now.

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the ingl family

A brand new to bsquared family (referred by a long time bsquared family- thanks MB!) that I had the pleasure of photographing at their home with the most ahhhhhhmazing evening light. There were swings, cuddles, giggles, running, jumping and baseball. All the makings of a great session! And really, couldn’t take a bad picture of this good looking bunch if I tried!


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