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the cowa family

I’m back from the blogging dead!! So sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately- its really hard keeping up with work in the summer with the boys home, no semblance of a schedule to be found, trying to keep everyone happy and busy, which all = no time to edit and work. But I’m back (at least for a blog or two) and will be back for good once school starts in about 2 weeks. I also have to get the bsquared fall calendar up (september-november) and I’m hoping to get that done this week as well. Stay tuned for that.

A special extended family, most of who you have already seen here on the blog. Multiple times. Love, love this family and so glad I got to meet the rest of them at this great location out east.

Look at the feet. Love that they’re so synchronized!A special request photo. They had their wedding portrait in this exact spot in this exact pose. Then we added in their beautiful family.

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the mcca family

A new to bsquared family who was gifted with a session from a mutual friend/coworker/client. They chose their family’s home with the most amazing backyard- the landscaping was beautiful and there were even some velociraptors hiding in the bushes. No, really. Little Miss M was a little shy of me at first, but she warmed right up and we had a great time playing and taking some pictures. I heard her 1st birthday is coming up soon, so sending some happy birthday wishes your way miss M.

I mentioned above about the landscaping outside, but the inside was just as amazing. Hundreds (and I’m not exaggerating) of amazing guitars everywhere with all kinds of rock memorabilia all over. Lots of Beatles, Hendrix, The Who, etc. I didn’t know where to look first.

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the smit family

Another new to bsquared family (referred by some of my favorite clients- you know who you are and thank you!) with three blondie boys on the beach. Um, yes please!! Awesome family (and big thank you’s to their baby sitter who came along and helped SO much!) and a great evening at the beach. What more can you ask from summer?

A little dance party on the beach.


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the kear family

A brand new to bsquared family who opted for a backyard extended family session, with a concentration on the 4 sisters. I’m an only child, so imagining being one of four sisters is really hard. But they look so happy and like they get along really well. Such a great family- hope they had as much fun as I did! It was a little breezy during their session, but we made it work for us! All good looking, even the dog.

Fierce! You work it girl.

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