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the ligu family

Hope all of you had a wonderful, full of family, good food, friends Thanksgiving. I think I will never eat again. Still in a food coma this morning but back at it- still lots of sessions to edit and cards to make. A family that I haven’t seen in a few years came back for photos this year with a whole new person included. Love their fun, outgoing, silly personalities. And the colors of the foliage that day were awesome.

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the harr family

Its kinda late in the day for a blog post, but wanted to get this one in before the weekend’s craziness starts. Mom was in my office for a visit last night, so I thought this would be a nice surprise for her today. I love it when clients become more than clients- they’re actual friends! Laurie- you are awesome as a friend, client and person. Those boys of yours melt my heart every year with hugs and actual happiness to see me. Plus, the whole twin boys thing. Love you guys!

Yeah, its a twin thing.

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the mann family

Its kind of ironic that I’m posting these pictures today as I read on FB this morning that today marks Cheryl’s 15 year anniversary of getting diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the toughest chick I know and she beat (the crap) outta that cancer! So it makes it extra special to share these photos of her beautiful family today.

Sorry, favorite picture of the day. 

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