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While I had great aspirations for some kind of year end wrap up or something today I’m being so lazy and vacationy that I didn’t get around to it. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after that. My new tag line- Vacation. It doesn’t suck.

Another shoot lost in the holiday shuffle. A quick mini session at home for these delicious kids who have appeared here on the bsquared blog more times than I can count. Their mom was basically the starting point of my business- sending many (and I do mean MANY- like in almost all) of my first clients. I adore photographing them and am so happy that they now have a whole new baby for me to take pictures of!

Love the face on the right- please get him offfffff me!! There’s droooooool!!!Hi, I’m K….welcome to my Christmas village.He is the happiest baby. Ever. Something entirely MadMen about this picture. Don’t know if it’s the lighting, the look he’s giving me or what. But I adore it. Thanks for another fantastic shoot! Can’t wait for the christening!!!

Oh, and I can’t leave this out. When B was born, Jerry from Fade to Black Video came over (on crutches no less) to film their shoot and make it into a whole ‘video your shoot’ experience for the family. I challenge you not to cry- especially at the ‘brand new brother’ part. He presented the video at the christening (pictures from the christening soon). It’s really a must watch!

OwBaby1 from Jerry Silecchia on Vimeo.

If you are interested in adding the ‘video your shoot’ experience to your 2011 bsquared shoot, please see the page here for more details.

GRETA - December 30, 2010 - 1:47 pm

beautiful! I love it!

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