bob goes outside {our elf on the shelf}

After a spin around the neighborhood in the minivan (which he took without permission, btw. Maybe I’ll be sending Santa a letter on Bob’s behavior!)

Bob decided to wait at the mailbox for the mailman. He was getting a little impatient…when the mail arrived. I hate it when he opens the mail before me. But he seems to really enjoy all the christmas cards, especially the bsquared ones!Looking for some quiet time after his adventures he thought he could make like Tinkerbell and hide in the lantern. Or play “peek-a-bob” behind the tree. Or just take a swing on the ornaments. It was getting a little chilly outside so Bob decided to come back in. More adventures of Bob coming tomorrow. And then just wait till you see what he gets into next week.

And no, I don’t have anything better to do with my time. Thanks for asking though.

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