bob & punishment {our elf on a shelf}

The Lego Secret Police were on the job yesterday and saw Bob drunk driving. The found him this morning layed out next to the toilet with a bottle of asprin, and the judge at Lego court sentenced him to 1 day of community service for his actions. Maybe cause it’s his first offense? He’s so lucky he didn’t have to go to jail. Maybe he used Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer?

His sentence included working for Habitat for Humanity in Legoland and building the poor a new castle.

But then he tried to run away, even under heavy guard from the Lego Secret Police. These Lego guys don’t mess around. It’s like Bobivers Travels up there. How is Bob ever going to get out of this mess? And with only two days until Christmas!! To be continued…

LISA RUSSO - December 23, 2010 - 1:59 pm

This? Is awesome!!!

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