bob goes clean {our elf on the shelf}

Somehow, during the night Bob escaped the Lego gestapo/Bobivers travels predicament and travelled back to his roots to get himself cleaned up and back on the right path.

Nothing like a jacuzzi of holiday ornaments to make an elf feel like himself again.And spending time with friends from the North Pole can always lift an elf’s spirits. Thumpety thump thump….In the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.And hanging at his house (which Timmy says is “Bob’s Dreamhouse”- like in Barbie’s dreamhouse) back up in the North Pole. Hmmmm….I think Bob grew a little since he left home. Must’ve been all those sweets he was eating while he was with us. And in a final moment of repentance, a salute to his adopted homeland. The last bit of Bob’s clean up on the blog tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Eve!!

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