bob & the big man {our elf on the shelf}

When it all goes wrong for an elf, what else to do than go straight to the top to get things straightened out.

Santa seemed very happy to see Bob (and vice-versa). He did give Bob a strongly worded lecture on proper elf ettiquette however and warned him that he’d be out of a job if he ever pulled those stunts again. Bob seemed to take it all to heart and was appropriately contrite.

He took a few minutes to whisper in Santa’s ear about what the Beyrer family wants for Christmas this year and put in an extra good word for all of us (even though we did help him down his road of debauchery a little bit!). Thanks, Bob!! And Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas to everyone! I really, really loved hearing from all of you about the Bob posts and am so glad you all liked them- I think they were the most commented on posts ever in the history of the bsquared blog(via email, FB comments and FB messages and seeing blog stalkers in real life.) Sad but true. And yes, I do realize that I’m twisted, crazy, and need to get out more. But this is what happens after months of non-stop working and very little sleep. At least I made you all laugh!!

You never know when/where Bob might be popping up in the future (Elves do exist outside of Christmas, ya know) so be on the lookout for some intermittent Bob during 2011. And he’ll be back next Christmas for sure (it was so fun doing it- I can’t wait until next year!) You can only imagine the looks I got from all of Santa’s helpers and the other shoppers while finishing up the Bob pictorial.

Whateva. Don’t mock the Bob, people.

I hope everyone has a lovely day whether or not you are celebrating, and are surrounded by family and friends, health and love. And pictures!!

SAMANTHA - April 20, 2013 - 12:39 pm

Santa I need to tell jingles my elf on the shelf send the Rhyshek elf back tonight

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