the christmas that was 2010

Finally got around to editing and posting these (sorry for the delay if you were waiting for them but they aren’t all that exciting or anything so hopefully you won’t be terribly disappointed!). Christmas was fantastic this year and Santa was very good to all of us. Maybe that Bob had something to do with it, putting in an extra good word for the Beyrer family when he met up with Santa.

I snuck downstairs after Santa came but before the boys were up to take some pictures of all the loot. And loot there was!

Everyone left Santa notes, cookies, milk, some chocolate kisses for good measure, and carrots for the reindeer. Oh, and Timmy made a candy cane just for Santa. But that was after him saying that we couldn’t leave the Oreos out for Santa cause those are Timmy’s favorite cookie. Guess he isn’t willing to share, not even with Santa.

Of course Bob was on call. He’s decide to stay with us instead of heading back to the North Pole just yet. We’re happy he’s hanging around. 

Someone was happy with his Galactic Heroes. All 9,000 of them.

After much debating, we picked up some macbooks for the boys. They use the desktop PC often for homework but it’s old and tired and filled with viruses. I’m hoping that these will last them a while and they are definitely enjoying them so far. 

Some catchers gear for Patrick.

The aftermath of weeks of shopping, hours of wrapping, lists for Santa and maybe 15 minutes of opening. Santa brought the big boys the Xbox with extra controllers and a few games including Call of Duty (with instructions that they just cannot play it when Timmy’s around), he brought us all an ipad to share, and he brought Timmy a new DS and a few games for that. Not to mention the tons of jerseys, sporting goods, shirts, slippers, clothes for me and books (for John-we all have Kindles) that were opened. It was a very good Christmas and we were so happy to spend it together. The look of disbelief on the big boys faces when they opened the Xbox was the best!!

After a crazy morning of opening, sorting, eating and packing we got on the plane to Florida. As it turns out, we got out of dodge just in time before the blizzard of 2010 hit, closing the airports, roads and dumping a ton of snow all over NY. So glad we missed that. That was the biggest Christmas miracle of all!!

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