7 for Sunday

1. Fell asleep last night in Timmy’s bed around 10pm, woke up in my bed around 11am this morning (hence the late blog post!) Now, THAT was sleep!! Guess I’m still catching up from last year’s lack of sleep.

2. We are all addicted to any electronic gadget. Ever. This is what the collection in Florida looked like. (Starting from the bottom) John’s laptop, my mom’s laptop, Patrick’s macbook, Jack’s macbook, my macbook pro, our ipad, my mom’s ipad, my mom’s kindle, my dad’s kindle, Jack’s Kindle, my Kindle, Timmy’s inherited kindle, Patrick’s kindle, John’s phone & blackberry, my blackberry, Mom & Dad’s droids, Patrick’s DS, Jack’s DS, Timmy’s DS, Jack’s phone. Can you even imagine the scene at airport security?  (and I just realized I forgot to add in the ipod touch to this picture). All of these gadgets makes me miss my grandpa. He was always, always up on the latest technology and had every gadget the moment it came out. I think he’d LOVE the ipad.

3. I really hemmed and hawed about getting the 11 year olds their own macbooks, but I’m glad I did. They used the desktop at home (which is ooooold and filled with viruses from all the crap they are downloading all the time) almost everyday for homework so I figured these would be used often. And they are. And hopefully, they’ll last them a while. A long while.

4. Sitting by the pool in Florida listening to some of the old folks music was actually quite nice- especially Moon River. Love that song. Realizing someday that I’ll be the old folks and wondering if the “kids” at the pool will enjoy listening to Echo and the Bunnymen or Depeche Mode from me.

5. Speaking of 80’s music- my friend Suzanne and I are putting together a big 80’s party for March. Details coming soon but I really hope you’ll all come. I think it’s going to be a blast!! And if any of you are interested in helping with the planning, please email or call me! Do you think anyone will actually show up??

6. Timmy calls God “the person after heaven”. I love that!!

7. Got the boys mid-quarter progress reports and they were fantastic as always. It does a mom’s heart good to see nothing but “student is a pleasure to teach” and “student is an asset to the class” on each progress report and report card.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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