bob takes a holiday

After working (or was that playing) very hard over Christmas, Bob snuck into our luggage (or muggage as per Timmy) and ended up on vacation in Florida.

Yay! Vacation!!!

Bob seemed to settle in very nicely with the local flora and fauna. He even hitched a ride in the bag down to the pool. Don’t forget your swimmies, bob! Although they are a bit big on you. Contemplating a dip. Getting in slowly. Who knew elves were so buoyant? Swim, Bob, swim!After a close call in the pool, Bob was rescued with the life ring. Just chillin poolside. It took a while, but Bob did eventually dry off. I think he had a nice relaxing vacation. He’s just going to stay out of the pool for a while.

Hope the further adventures of Bob brought a smile to your face on this very snowy day!

AMY M - January 13, 2011 - 1:07 am

you seriously crack me up!!! :)
your Bob has quite the life, that is for sure. Our poor Elfie, is “livin’ la vida loca” tucked up high in my closet! lol!

JENN - January 13, 2011 - 12:54 pm

you are too funny!

LISA - February 14, 2011 - 9:55 pm

These are probably one of the most unique and creative sets of pictures I’ve ever seen-love it!

CHRISTINA - October 19, 2011 - 7:56 am

I’m loving these elf on a shelf ideas and have pinned them as a reminder on Pinterest. Looking forward to Christmas 2011!!

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