15 for Friday

Welcome to another ___ for ___ installment. I’m trying for 15- we’ll see how it goes!

1. I started writing this post earlier this week (what? Do you really think I can just remember everything I want to write? I gotta start writing it down or *poof* it’s outta my head. So I wanted to add my thoughts for everyone in Japan, Hawaii and those with family and friends there too with the developments of this morning. So scary and sad! And California too- hoping it turns out to be nothing.

2. Buying one of these for Timmy. Wishing I could get the big boys onboard with some bynto boxes too, but they have to be able to throw their stuff away because they can’t make it back to their lockers after lunch but before their afternoon schedule. And you can bet your butt they wouldn’t be happy carrying the box around the school with them for the rest of the afternoon!

3. Got my new iphone earlier this week! So excited and so happy verizon was able to work it out for me even though I wasn’t really due for an upgrade yet. I mean really, I’m giving you more money and signing a contract for an extended time- what company wouldn’t want that business?? I’m just so happy that my calendar will sync to all my mac stuff now. (imac, macbook pro, ipad and iphone) If any of you blog stalkers have any suggestions for apps you love and can’t live without I’d love to hear them. And how much do you looooooove my cover? Everyone says ‘it’s so you!’ It really is!! And there’s a pink border going all the way around. Like it was made just for me!

4. The big boys decided to give up Xbox for Lent. Now that is a huge comittment for them and I was really surprised that that’s what they chose to give up. Very impressed, but surprised. Hanging out with their friends here or at their houses is going to really be the toughest part.

5. We are SO totally Mac’d up over here. Between the imac, macbook pro, the boys 2 macbooks, apple TV, ipad, 3 ipods and 1 iphone we are a walking advertisement for Apple. I just wish my grandpa was still alive to see it all. He would’ve looooooved it. This was the man who owned every gadget and cool electronic- and the very latest of everything technological. Timmy adores the ipad and plays it until the batteries are dead (hence the charging in the photo). Our favorite apps include: air hockey, kid blocks (like legos) nasa, up, jigsaw puzzles, little things, bartleby’s book of buttons (love this one- can’t wait for vol. 2), pokematch, canknockdown, spongebobmarble, playwords, wackaMonsta, StickWars2, AngryBirds, AngryBirds Seasons, Join It, Hess Jet, The Bubbles, Mr.Giggle, WDW waits, smurfs village, ScoreCenterXL, Kindle, Life, People, Sudoko Daily, Backgammon, Friendly for  FB, CNN, and about a thousand books for Timmy.

6. We bought both boys new Disney jacket/sweatshirts in Disney- one red, one blue (of course). Patrick’s sweatshirt went missing and after checking in the area it was lost and later at city hall, it never turned up. They gave me the phone # for lost and found and I called when we got home figuring we weren’t finding that sweatshirt anytime, ever. Low and behold, it was found and Disney shipped it right to us at no charge. Customer service. None better in the world.

7. After my 34 day sickness the new doctor I saw who is actually an allergist/immunologist tested me for my spring allergies. Every year since I was little I have been miserable every. single. spring. Itchy eyes, itchy throat, itchy face, stuffy nose, and general miserableness. The only thing that has ever worked is Benadryl but that turns me into a b*tch because all I want to do is be left alone to sleep or just makes me so stupid I can’t function. Being that I’m only allergic in the spring until the trees are done blooming we decided to forgo the allergy shots and he gave me some prescriptions. I’m hoping they work. It would be so nice not to suffer one spring and enjoy all my outside shoots!

8. I felt every second of my 41 years the other day. When trying to get the serial #s off of some of my camera and computer equipment I couldn’t read the tiny #s. At all. Blind. I had to actually put on those drug store magnifying/reading glasses to see. Horrifying. Seriously.

9. Why does it always start raining at 3:15pm? It never fails. As soon as you get up to the school to pick up the kids, the skies open up. It can be a beautiful (or at least not rainy) day before that but you can set your watch by 3:15 rain.

10. While we were in Disney on day 3 John got really sick. He fell asleep at Epcot on a bench, and could really hardly make it back to the hotel. He tried coming to meet us at Hollywood Studios the next day but had to leave after 30 min. I called the front desk that night and they gave me the # of a local doctors office that makes ‘hotel calls’. Ok, this is the best thing and I wish doctors here still made housecalls. The dr. was in the room within one hour of calling. Took a full history, blood pressure, temperature- all the usual stuff that would happen in a doctors office. He did a rapid flu and rapid strep test (the strep came up positive) and left John with a full prescription bottle of antibiotics for 10 days. So, you’re feeling like crap, the doctor comes to you so you don’t have to wait in the waiting room feeling miserable and catching everyone else’s sicknesses or drive anywhere, and you are left with a prescription with no drive to the pharmacy, waiting on line, waiting for the prescription. The whole thing cost $300 (they don’t take insurance but they do give you an itimized bill that you can submit to your insurance company). To me, worth every penny even if we get nothing back from insurance. I would totally pay that here if I was really, really sick or if the boys were sick enough to not take out. I think it would be a big, big business here. Doctors, you listening? Housecalls- wave of the past and future.

11. My friend Brian posted this Adele video on FB and I had to steal it. I loooooove her. Her house looks pretty, too. When I was explaining her to someone I said “she’s kinda like Amy Winehouse but without the crack and the crazy.” But that kinda soulful voice. Enjoy.

12. Timmy just got some new Star Wars sheets for his bed. (everyone of the boys-and me too actually- loves star wars. Jack just added a picture of Darth Vader to his cell as wallpaper and recorded Darth’s theme song as his ringtone!)

So, since he’s over the whole Superman/Batman thing I’m selling his Pottery Barn Kids bedding and accessories. One twin set of superman sheets (these have since been discontinued at Pottery Barn Kids), one twin set of batman sheets (this style has also been discontinued), one Superman pillow sham and one Superman lampshade (the lampshade looks exactly like the pillow sham). The sheets cost $60 a set originally, the sham $36 originally, and the lampshade $35 originally. I also have 2 tin wall hangings (one superman, one batman which were $10 each ). Everything is in great shape. I’m offering all of it for $75 (it was about $200 worth at purchase) and you’d have to be able to pick it up. No shipping. Please leave me a comment here, on FB or email me at bethbeyrer@yahoo.com if you are interested.— updated to add—everything is SOLD.

superman sheets:

Batman sheets:Superman pillow sham and same colors/logo on lampshade. (sorry about the wrinkles- this was right before I put it in the dryer!)Tin wall hangings:

13. Been busy downloading lots of new apps for my iphone (some of the ipad ones transferred, but not all). Some of my favorites: QuickTip (a tip calculator for those of us math challenged), Survival Guide, ShakeIt (a polaroid picture app), Incredibooth (a photobooth in your phone- my favorite and you can bet I’ll be bugging you to take a picture with me!), photosync (transfers any pictures taken on your iphone to your computer), solitaire, backgammon, urban spoon, flashlight, and facebook. Any other suggestions would be great! And I was so excited that my ical now syncs to my imac, macbook pro, ipad and iphone that I had to take a (polaroid app) picture!

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