more disney 2011 (magic kingdom)

On a day of bad weather (snow here in NY on 3/23- seriously?), bad news (bombs in Israel, earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown in Japan, and all the regular bad news) and bad health (waiting for blood test results on the huge swollen lymphnode in my neck that’s been there for more than a week) today’s a perfect day to post some happy Disney pictures.

This sums up why I love going to Disney so much:

Had dinner at Chef Mickey’s with the Morins. Hit the MK early for our breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace. Love the empty park in the morning but not the rain (although that kept the people away all the more which made all the ride lines short!) The castle looks better in the sun though. Breakfast at Crystal Palace- best scrambled eggs and Mickey waffles ever. The picture on the right is a good example of how NOT to take a picture (subjects in sun, bad shadows, squinty, raccoon eyes). Eh, I took it anyway. It just be’s that way sometimes. Some Big Thunder fun! Our favorite ride in the MK. And although it’s still not easy to take pictures while riding a roller coaster, I’m getting better!John finally made it back to the land of the living just in time for our last full day at Disney. They boys went off to ride Space Mountain alone. How far they’ve come! Timmy still missed the height requirements by a few inches. Maybe next year. And some teapups (yes, teapups, not teacups). Always good for a bunch of laughs. One last bunch of pictures from Disney left.

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