the last of Disney 2011

Timmy’s home sick today (actually he came home sick yesterday after puking on the playground at recess) I haven’t had time to edit more client shoots. I was too busy cleaning up vomit. So on that lovely note, I’m just posting the last of the Disney photos. Hopefully today will be puke free and I’ll edit while Timmy eats saltines and watches movies.

The view from high above on Dumbo.

And a little sneak peek of the construction happening on the Fantasyland expansion. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like!!Splash Mountain before. Which we were all so happy to ride because it’s always closed for refurbishment when we are down there in February. Uh huh. And after. John actually rode! This is is favorite ride and with his back he probably really shouldn’t ride it, but after being layed up for the whole Disney trip in the hotel room with strep, he decided he was riding anyway. And it’s not jarring so it worked out okay. The 7 dopes. And on that note, I’m going to edit.

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