just being….

…on vacation.

ok, the first picture was before vacation but it was pretty cool anyway so I just stuck in in the post. All pictures are from the iphone. Love that thing!!

Off to Tampa today so the boys can see a Rays game and I can catch up on some reading on the Kindle while at the game. Don’t judge. I hate baseball but I’m doing the family thing by going. So I can read at the park if I want.

Working on a post about our new, unwelcome foray into the world of food allergies- it’s a lot to process and I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the whole thing yet so it’s a little tough to blog about still. But as my blog stalkers and friends know, I am all about putting it all out there- if it helps someone else going thru a similar thing, or if it leads someone to us with advice and stories of success then that’s what it’s all about! Maybe on Monday. Taking the weekend off from blogging to just be…

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