kailey’s communion

All roads in life lead back to Mary Ellen. Not only did she give me like 75% of my initial clients when I started my photography business, but she knows everyone! When I took Timmy to the allergist, the receptionist happens to be Mary Ellen’s sister’s mother in law (she recognized my name and asked if I photographed her grandchildren, which I did.) Things like that happen all the time, and all roads lead back to Mary Ellen. So you’ll see a ton of bsquared families in this post. And besides, she’s just the nicest, sweetest, funnest and kindest person I know!

Her daughter Kailey celebrated her first communion last weekend and it was all perfect and beautiful. Especially Kailey!!

She’s stunning- in either black & white, or color!

Mary Ellen told me that while she and Kailey were at church for communion rehearsal, Kailey leaned over and whispered “you got Beth Beyrer, right?” I do love her so!! My favorite part was when I came back during the party and I was greeted by her little face lighting up and a big hug! Then she asked me to take pictures of her with her friends. And I love her even more!!The one with grandpa was totally unposed. Caught it just as he was coming up the porch steps. Not technically perfect, but perfectly lovely. That little man is just so delicious. He screams ‘nibble me!!’Not a detail was missed.

The party was great!The closest I’ve gotten to a smile from this one. That’s my ‘wifey’ on the right… love ya, H!!Always wonderful to work with you!! Mostly cause it never really feels like work!

JENN & BABY JAKE - May 14, 2011 - 9:48 am

Once again Beth…you delivered BEAUTIFUL pictures! I just love Mar and her family! The GREATEST group of people EVER! And yes, all roads do lead back to MaryEllen! I think she should run for mayor!

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