adam’s graduation

Known this guy since he turned one. Seventeen years later, this is what happens…Yeah, I still can’t believe it either. Everyone (including Aunt Beth) is so proud of you Adam! Can’t wait to hear all about your amazing adventures in South America this coming year.

Adam will be going to Peru, Costa Rica and Uruguay with the WAVES program, where he will be doing all kinds of amazing things. Working with families (especially children) at the poverty level, teaching english, teaching surfing, coordinating activities, & working with the kids there on environmentally friendly projects. And my personal favorite: working with endangered sea turtles (rehabilitation, rescues, and community/tourist education). He’ll be away on this adventure from October- February. Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

The whole family. Who I love.

Geez, handsome much?Heidi’s side of the family……and Joe’s side of the family. These two are so close, I think I’m going to have to do a lot of distracting to help Heidi make it thru Adam’s leaving.
My pretty girls. Ok, Rachel? Did I do alright??And a few goofy shots. Aunt Heidi torturing the boys. This is what usually happens when they are together.Patrick is Joe’s godson. Soon after this was taken, he picked Patrick up and threw him in the pond (well, not in exactly. Just hung him upside down over it for a while).These two have a real love/hate relationship. He loves her, she hates (ok, barely tolerates) him. But she thought she looked really good in the last picture I took of them together, so now she always wants one with Johnny B. His other mother.Delicious curls I couldn’t pass up. Beauties. Don’t know if its his expression, or the angle or what, but I see the little Adam in this one. Awww….they’re all gonna miss him.

A lot!Love you guys!

Adam’s prom pictures coming soon, stay tuned for those.

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