7 for Sunday

1. So we embark on our annual baseball trip tomorrow. And this is all I have to say about that.

We will be visiting Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee. Expect to see me on Facebook ALOT. Hope all of my friends have their phones charged up cause I’ll be texting everyone non stop. I have the Kindle loaded and charged. I’ll be posting from the road both about our ‘adventures’ and also portrait sessions while I’m gone so the blog will be way busy. Come and visit and leave me comments to read, ok?!

2. So not only do I have to pack 4 people for the trip but I have to pack up the house today as we’re getting all of the hardwood floors sanded and re-urathaned while we are gone. Good times. I’m just hoping they are done by the time we get back and that house can air out from the stink quickly.

3. One of my Canon 5d classics died this weekend. When taking a picture horizontally, I would get a big black block the entire width of the bottom 1/4-1/2 of the photo. Not good. Looks like a loose mirror, shutter and/or focusing screen. And after my friend Kate borrowed my 70-200 lens (I never liked that lens and hardly use it ever) I found out why I never liked it. I think I got a bad copy- all the images are soft. I didn’t realize since I never shot with that lens before buying it- I just figured it was a little softer than the prime lenses). So into CPS (canon professional services) went the broken 5d and very soft focus 70-200. They shipped out from East Hampton (so fancy- but only because I had shoots out there yesterday afternoon) and I’m hoping they will be ready by the time I’m back from the baseball tour. And a big huge thank you to Kate and Shira who both offered the use of their cameras yesterday so I would have a backup. It’s so nice to have photografriends who are generous with their time and equipment!!

4. I’m happy to announce that I have become a member of OpLove (Operation Love Reunited), photographing full sessions for military members leaving or returning from deployment on a voluntary basis. I’ve had this project in my head forever and couldn’t make a go of it on my own since the military presence in this area isn’t so accessible. I’m hoping that this will send some my way for sessions. If you know of any local to Long Island soldiers heading out or returning from deployment, please feel free to pass on my info. You can find more about OpLove here: http://www.oplove.org/index2a.php

And if you are the praying type, please think of the 31 service members who gave their lives this weekend in Afghanistan. So sad for all of us but especially for their families left behind. I can’t even imagine.

5. Went to Ikea this week with another photografriend Lori and went a little crazy on the blankets for newborn sessions. Well, they already proved their worth this week on a fantastic newborn shoot. Pictures on that soon.

6. This week had the weirdest weather I think I have ever seen. Green skies, hail, torrential rain, rainbows, bible skies… all within a few hours of eachother. Some from the ‘real’ camera, some from the iphone. Oh, and by the way- I’m pretty sure the hail was all my fault. I was in the ocean 3 separate times in the last week which never happens. I think I set off some kind of ‘end of the world’ thing. Sorry about that.

7. Some iphone shots from the Paul McCartney and U2 concerts we went to in July. Just realized I never posted them.

Went with the Healys and the Nevills to Paul McCartney and ended the night in some bar in the Bronx with Rosanna doing the electric slide at 1am. It was so fun!!!

Paul looked and sounded great. At 69 years old he still puts on an awesome show!! We took the big boys to U2 at the Meadowlands. They loved it!!
Ok, well I’m off to pack. Joy.


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