baseball trip 2011- day 1 minneapolis

So after taking “bob’s airline” to get here (Ok, it was actually Sun Country, but who the hell ever heard of that one either?!) and making it in one piece (and being really pissed off in the airport cause it took them over 30 min to check us in which then caused us to be late for the flight & the last ones on the plane and that was after they tried to make me check my carry on bag cause there wasn’t anymore room- but the nebulizers are in there along with all the meds and my camera- and I stood on the ramp to the plane emptying the bag but then they said they were sorry since it was medical equipment…so that wasn’t good! Won’t be flying them again.)

We landed in the Twin Cities in enough time to make it to the car rental counter, to the hotel and to a late lunch before heading to the game. I love the area we’re staying in- all old warehouses. Photographers dream. Hakka was upset as the restaurant he was dying to go to (Hells’ Kitchen) was closed for cleaning. Bummer.

Bob the Elf decided to come out of retirement and join us for the trip. I think everyone’s pretty happy to see him!John’s really, really BAD hat.Uh…Bob? You remember what happened last time you thought it was a good idea to drink. There was that whole drunk driving incident with imprisonment (via Lego mini figs) and community service. You might want to rethink the beer.So instead, Bob made friends with the camera man. Good move, Bob!Keeping score. See, told you it was a good move schmoozing the camera man. Thanks, Bob!Yup, that’s me and my camera in the background on the big screen.And even Bob made his big screen debut. Not bad for his first day out of retirement.Patrick modeling the BAD hat. 

When you are all reading this on Tuesday, the boys will be celebrating their 12th birthday!! Happy Birthday boys! I love you so much and hope you are enjoying your baseball trip. More surprises to come this week for them. And pictures, of course!



KATHLEEN SCHWARTING - August 11, 2011 - 12:13 am

So cool that Bob got to go on the Baseball tour with the guys. Can you tell him that I like his hat a lot better than John’s!

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