baseball trip 2011- day 3 Chicago II

So the start of our second day in Chicago found us driving a pretty good distance to Hot Doug’s restaurant for “the best” hotdogs ever. At 11:45am I wasn’t really in the mood for any ‘encased meat’, but thought the sign was pretty funny.Then it was back to the hotel and then some MORE shopping for hats and tshirts on the way to the park. Let me tell you that my boys (including John) are never allowed to say that they hate shopping. They stopped in every. single. store that sold baseball crap. Sometimes twice. Since we weren’t running late, I finally got around to the front of the stadium for the ‘official’ wrigley photos. And then we went on the Wrigley tour. That was Wednesday’s surprise for the boys.We learned all kinds of interesting things about the stadium, scoreboard, team history and surrounding neighborhood. It was a good tour (I like the baseball history, just not the actual game) and the boys all really liked it a lot. Even Bob enjoyed the tour. It’s all about the bricks and ivy. Then we stayed for the game. I didn’t take any more pictures cause this was our second of three Cubs games at Wrigley and I was done already. We also met up with John’s friend from Fordham, Maureen and her daughter who stayed at the game with us for a bit. Maureen told John that she couldn’t understand a few of the things he was saying because of his accent. Funny! And we saw Michael Jordan at the game (he was on the catwalk in front of the luxury boxes but it was too dark up there to get a picture). 

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