baseball trip 2011- day 5 chicago-IV

Our ‘free day’ in Chicago, no baseball game until the evening. I took full advantage of the day off.

Bob enjoying a little breakfast (Elves like syrup. Just ask Buddy the Elf).
We all walked Michigan Ave and I was very excited to take my one and only goddaughter to the American Girl Store. Oh. My. I had no idea. We got Katie and Julie some matching pj’s and matching Chicago AG shirts. And some outfits and accessories for Julie. What a racket that place is. And overwhelming. And fun! It was so nice to do something girly for once, but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to do that on a regular basis. It’s a whole ‘nother world that girl thing. Stopped by the Hershey store too. Timmy was in his element. As was I. Ok, who remembers these lipglosses from their childhood? Bob didn’t realize there was glass over the cupcakes and brownies.While Katie, Maureen and I were in the AG store, they stopped in the Lego store. And got just a few guys.This was my next stop. I shopped by myself for a little while, and picked up a new pair of pretty Tiffany sunglasses. Almost bought a gorgeous Tiffany blue purse but just barely managed to restrain myself. (ignore the wonky color below on the bag, I didn’t set my white balance before taking it.) I figured John and the boys like looking at baseball diamonds, I like looking at diamonds too. Just the sparkly kind. Then Ken & I went out walking and headed over to the Chicago Art Museum. Shades of ER. I think this one was my favorite that we saw. And then we embarked on the Ferris Bueller portion of the museum tour. Can you hear the Smiths “let me let me let me get what I want, this time” instrumental version playing in the background? Couldn’t get that song out of my head the rest of the day!Loved the lighting in the one on the left. You know we love the movie The Ten Commandments, right? Ok, cmon you know the shot on the right is totally right out of that movie at the end when the Pharoh’s (yul brenner’s) son dies and they put him on the altar.American Gothic. And Bob.Totally filmed episodes of ER here. Bob makes friends everywhere he goes. And then the fun was all over. Back to baseball for the White Sox this time. It was fireworks night. At least I had more time to hang out with Maureen. And the nachos in this park were really good. More on the baseball trip still to come.

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