super sports sunday

It is sports central around here this year. The boys started playing football for the middle school team, and are playing on two baseball teams- a Little League town team and a NJBL travel team. So you can imagine the schedule lately. They have football practice every day from 3-5, a football game 1x a week, a LL weekday evening game, a LL weekend game and a travel team double header every Sunday. And somewhere in there they have religion weekly and homework every night. There are some days that they get home from football practice with barely enough time to change into baseball uniforms, shove down some dinner and get to the field for a baseball game. Throw in orthodontist and doctors appointments that have been rescheduled no less than 4x each, and you can see why I’m losing it. So far, they’ve been great about all of it (because they really want to play- all of it!), not complaining and getting themselves packed up the night before. The deal was that if grades start to slip at all, they have to give up something. But so far, so good.

So here’s some of their football scrimmage this past week. They have their first game on Tuesday. Jack isn’t able to play quite yet (and yes, he is so bummed) because of the oral surgery he had recently he missed a bunch of practices and he has to have a certain amount of practice time in before he can start playing in games and scrimmages. But they are both playing at Defensive Tackle and Patrick is loving it so far!! The first scrimmage was against Hempstead and the 2 guys up against Patrick were right out of the movie The Blind Side. Huge. Really huge. Like over 6 feet and 200+ huge. But he lived to play again another day.

Omg, my son looks like a football player!

Tommy.A football version of American Gothic?No, I don’t know why he has his water bottle on his head. My favorite. Can’t wait until they are both playing!!And some baseball from yesterday’s LL game. Where Uncle That Guy is the manager and John is a coach. Keepin it all in the family.

Cousin Brendan at catcher. Timmy chillin in the dugout. And I’m off to a 5 shoot day with hopefully, finally good weather. See you all here tomorrow with a whole new week of client sessions.


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