lexi’s bat mitzvah

Besides the fact that I had the hardest time wrapping my head around this whole day, it was totally wonderful! The reason? Ivy (lexi’s mom) is my oldest friend  since we were 8 years old. We were at eachothers Bat Mitzvahs about 100 years ago, went to camp together for 6 years, a teen tour across america together, were roommates for a year in Long Beach, in eachothers wedding parties, had babies a year apart, all those milestones and memories. And her daughter getting Bat Mitzvah’d was almost too much to comprehend! But she did, and Ivy asked me to take photos which I was more than happy to do. Get comfy, it’s a lot of pictures!

The Bat Mitzvah girl herself. Didn’t she look lovely?

Just to clarify, Ivy & Jon have been divorced for a few years now but everyone really got along great on Lexi’s special day. Lexi’s theme was candy. Temple Avodah in Oceanside. They don’t allow photography during the ceremony so I came before to take a few photos and then met them at the party. Lexi’s step-family. I’m sure (if you are a blog stalker) that you’ll remember Ivy & Steve’s wedding. 

A quick shout out to Warehouse 5 in Barnum Island for an amazing venue and party! I highly recommend them for your next event.
Austin cutting up the dance floor. He was at it all afternoon and was an awesome dancer!Both sets of grandparents during the candle lighting.Work it, gurl!Go Jonny Fas!Had to jump in one with Ivy!Hope you enjoyed all the photos as much as I enjoyed being there and taking them!


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