His I Am poem from the beginning of this school year (7th grade)


Stubborn, Comical, Clumsy

Who loves a well-played baseball game, his amazing, wonderful family and any kind of Lego brick.

Who feels the Yankees should die off and leave New York, the US should run a British style Parliament, and that ice cream should be considered a real dinner.

Who finds happiness in being with his wacky friends, reading a good book and going to church.

Who needs the Mets to win 30 consecutive World Series against the Yankees and go to an Ivy League school.

Who fears Communist aggression, wiry, coiled, man-eating snakes and being alone in the middle of the ocean.

Who would like one million dollars, a delectable fudge-filled brownie (yum) and equal human rights for everyone.

Who enjoys baseball, history, and most of all – being himself.

Resident of the tri-state area.

He’s definitely full of opinions. Love my boy- my first born, the one who always wants everyone to be nice and fair, who trips over air, and who is always ‘red’.

AMANDA - February 15, 2012 - 8:32 am

Love this Beth…I love that he knows himself so well. Very bright young man.

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