His I Am poem from the beginning of this school year (7th grade).


Clever, Smart, Friendly

Son of John and Beth

Who loves baseball, learning new things and sharing new ideas.

Who feels that the Mets have to eventually win a World Series, school is top of the list important, and pondering and being curious is a necessity to succeed.

Who finds happiness in baseball, 100%s on tests, and building legos

Who needs amazing friends and an unlimited supply of Lego bricks.

Who fears failing a test, the US turning to the side of communism, and vile, vicious reptiles.

Who would like to play for the New York Mets, the Yankees to disappear, and go to an Ivy League College.

Who enjoys watching baseball, vacations to Disney, and doing well in school.

Resident of Long Island.

Love my Patrick- my second born twin who doesn’t like to admit it but still loves hugs, is his own hardest critic, an amazingly talented writer, and cannot stand anyone two faced.

And do you notice some similarities between him and Jack? (Jack’s post yesterday). Twins much? But there are a few differences too and it makes me excited to see who they are turning into as they grow up.

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