In honor of Timmy’s birthday vegetable last week and his being Star of the Week at school we had a little dinner date (at Pizza Nick’s) just the two of us and we did a little interview.

How old are you?

6 and 11/12ths

Describe yourself.

videogame geek, i love play dates, i am very good at gym, i act crazy, friendly, nice and kind. i am a friend-maker.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

That I make a lot of friends.

What are you best at?

playing video games, being polite, doing good in school & gym.

What is one thing you would change about yourself?

nothing at all. being a better listener.

I like:

my best friend Jack N, my family, going to Florida & Disney

I don’t like:

broccoli, non-polite people & smokers.

My favorite foods are:

macaroni & cheese, chicken parmesan, pasta, pizza & sushi!

The food I hate most is:


My best habit is:

having good manners

My worst habit:

biting my nails.

My favorite toys are:

Legos & Pokemon toys.

My favorite movie:

Pirates of the Carribean

My favorite vacation:

Disney & Florida

My favorite sports teams:

Mets, Islanders, Rays, Giants & Dolphins

Love my baby boy so much. Just want to keep him “timmy sized” forever. And here’s a picture of him with his star of the week poster he made all by himself.


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