thursday thoughts

I was going to do a 13 for Thursday post, but I don’t think I have enough to make it to that many! So I’ll just write what I got at the moment.

1. A big, giant thank you to Beth W (aka Mrs. Ow W) for taking care of the house and Timmy’s fish Moustachio & Sputnik while we were away in Disney this past week.

2. A full Disney post (or probably posts) coming next week. I really didn’t take many pictures at all. (I know, you’re gasping. But it was our zillionth trip to Disney, I only brought the little camera and I just wanted to be on vacation!) I did, however, have quite a lot of fun with the tilt-shift iphone app.

3. Timmy took the day we left for Disney off from school although he was supposed to go in until 2pm. There has been like the 12 plagues in his classroom lately. Between strep, pink eye, lice, stomach viruses and colds (yep, all of those) that have been floating around, with 2 kids at his table of 5 out last week, I figured I’d keep him home to try to avoid the bugs. A stomach virus on the plane or at Disney would not have worked well for us. I’m just hoping they hose down that classroom with Lysol over the break.

4. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the Orlando Airport waiting for our very delayed flight. Huge thunderstorms caused the plane that was supposed to be incoming (the one we’re taking home) to be diverted to Tampa. The plane has to be refueled and then flown from Tampa to Orlando, deplaned, serviced and boarded before we can even leave. So instead of arriving in NY at 9:30pm, we’re looking at landing at 11pm. Going to be a long night. And that’s all before I even get on the plane and start freaking out about crashing.

5. Timmy’s pal Liam from school. Liam was such a great model on that day- my boys have totally gotten the overphotographed syndrome. And do not want to pose anymore. Ever.

6. So with the whole office remodel (almost totally done so pictures are coming soon, I promise!) I brought the big imac (27″) upstairs to the office and bought a new 21″ imac for the kitchen. I figure I can still edit downstairs in the busy season between cooking dinner, helping w homework, etc without being holed up in my new upstairs office. The new screen just seems so tiny!!

Ok, I think that’s pretty much it. Looks like the plane just arrived from Tampa so I’m now commencing my freaking out. If I don’t die in a firey plane crash, see you back here on the blog soon.

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