maryanne’s organic bloom frames

A quick note to let you know that the bsquared calendar is now open for booking sessions thru August 2012. Session availability is limited, so book your session as soon as possible to ensure you don’t get shut out. Once you take a look at the bsquared calendar, please email me (you can use the contact link above, or just leave a comment here on the blog) with your choice of date and time and we’ll get you booked.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Just wait until you check out this beautifully decorated home. And now with the organic bloom frames added in- wow! Maryanne has absolutely impeccable taste and everything in her home is just totally perfect. Everyone who see’s it says she must not have children, but she does- two boys! How she keeps it this gorgeous is just beyond me. To top it all off- she did all the decorating herself. Without help. Amazing!!

Living room with a twin stack Lewis frame 20×30 in espresso (background) and yellow gold (inside) with brown glaze. The yellow gold is shimmery and so gorgeous. And I love how it picks up the yellow gold in the chairs, couch fabric and hardware details.

A little friend came to check out the whole frame hanging process. The den: two Lucy singles in 16×20 in metallic bronze with brown glaze. One Maryann twin stack 16×20 in espresso (background) and metallic bronze (inside) with brown glaze. Bedroom: One Gilligan double stack 20×24 in french vanilla (background) and metallic bronze (inside) with brown glaze. Two Gilligan singles 5×7 in metallic bronze with brown glaze. 

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