disney days 2012 – part 4

Moving along with the Disney trip, we spent a day at Hollywood Studios with Nate & Colleen and their girls before they had to leave to get back home that afternoon. We did the divide and conquer as usual for Hollywood Studios, John heading over to Toy Story Mania to get fast passes, and Timmy & I headed over to sign him up for the Jedi Training Academy. Rode the new Star Tours a few times- so much fun and so much better than before. With something like 54 different “trips”, the ride is different each time. Muppets were great, visited some characters for autographs for Timmy. And by the time our Fast Passes were ready for Toy Story Mania, there was a 2+ hour wait standby, and all the fast passes were sold out. Crazy!

For Christine. Totally thought of you with these. Jedi Training Academy. They made it much bigger and added Darth Maul. He’s creepy as hell and Timmy was so psyched to fight him!!Can you see Timmy formulating his plan of attack in the background?We had my favorite Jedi Master again this year- he’s the one who called Timmy “25 pounds of unbridled fury” a few years ago.John trying to get the paper. Not quite dirty enough for the real NYC, but close. Except in Disney it smells good. Phineas and Ferb. Or as Timmy says- Vinneus.Last picture of all the kids together. And somehow I got Nate to admit that Disney wasn’t SO bad. I think having the boys around to keep the girls company and happy was a big help. Hoping they’ll be brave enough to meet us again next year. I was just thankful we made it thru Disney without Nate punching anyone (I know my Miami friends will remember the elevator in Pearson). I considered it a successful trip based on that alone. 

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