disney 2012 (part 7,963…)

A little more of the Disney trip still to go, sorry if you’re totally sick of it already.

We’re gearing up for Eastover here at the Beyrer’s. (Eastover= Easter + Passover, since we celebrate both.) Off to dye eggs with the boys and then get ready for the traditional Matzah & tuna fish sandwiches while watching The Ten Commandments on TV tomorrow night. Then my inlaws for Eastover dinner on Sunday.

But back to Disney in the meantime. This is the day we met up with my parents at Magic Kingdom. And this is my most favorite seat in all of the Magic Kingdom.

So as we were waiting on line for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, I was busy trying to convince my mom to ride Splash Mountain. She was adamant about NOT riding so she offered a challenge. Post it on Facebook and find 25 friends to say she should go on in 15 minutes and she would She figured that there was no way I’d ever get that many people in 15 min, but it was more like 40+ people in 10 min who said to go. So she was pretty much screwed. (What my mother failed to realize is that I have a LOT of Facebook friends and everyone has FB on their phones, and they knew good pictures would come of this adventure!) Off to Splash Mountain we went!And here’s the resulting photo. Which of COURSE we paid top dollar for.Cheers to the fact that we got Grandma on!The next day at breakfast at Ohana. We always book this breakfast and ALWAYS cancel last minute. But we finally made it this year.And I got to meet up with Camie (my college roommate who lives about 10 minutes from Disney)!More from MK coming soon. 

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