7 for Sunday

Ok, so it’s really 10 but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, now does it? So it’ll be 7 with 3 bonuses. I have so many older pictures that I never got around to posting, so here goes.

1. The boys can now ALL make this face. Including John who used to torture his sister with it across the dining room table. Ah, traditions.

2. A few weeks ago I put Jack & Patrick to work (read: slave/child labor. It’s not just for third world countries.) making some bsquared welcome packets. They weren’t too pleased, but they got the job done. And then I packed up a pretty little order to go.

3. Pulled out the macro lens for a few dandilion shots. Which were in front of someones house next door to a client who’s orders I was delivering. Well, at least they didn’t call the cops about the weirdo lady laying on their front lawn.

4. I have the best & nicest clients. One of my most favorite blog stalkers (Laurie) brought me some Christmas Story wrapping paper when she saw it while on vacation. Must be Italian.

5.  Bought myself some new shoes that I just adore. No blisters, even after wearing them for an 8+ hour wedding day. And I adored the packaging. I got a pair of red and a pair of cream, and I just bought them in black, metallic silver and pink cause they’re SO cute and comfy. And the red ones totally match my office and branding. Of course I saved the boxes for the office too. Love! You can find them here: Tieks

6. Also bought myself a new camera bag that totally looks like a pocketbook. I needed something smaller than the whole gear bag and I love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag- makes it easier to be sneaky in places you aren’t supposed to shoot. It’s extra nice to have if I bring the camera to the boys game and we go out to dinner or something afterwards- I can bring the camera with me and not worry that it’s unsafe. (the whole inside is padded and has removable dividers to fit your camera/lenses/cards/batteries, etc.) You can find it here: Epiphanie  and I have the Lola.7. We had some uninvited guests living in our garage. A sickly looking momma raccoon and her 3 babies. The momma would sit in the tree in our backyard at like 5pm everyday and then just waltz across the backyard on her way to the sewer in the front of the house. It was then that her welcome was over. Buh-bye.8. The boys artwork (self portraits) were featured in the high school lobby during the school budget vote. I think the art teacher just loved that they are twins and that their pictures are so similar. (sorry about the crappy iphone pix, but I didn’t have a real camera with me)9. While we’re discussing the boys, I’m very proud that they both made the National Junior Honor Society and were inducted last month. They get to go on the overnight trip to Washington DC this fall (very exciting!) and are already really looking forward to that. The .4 that separates their overall averages is still an issue around here, but I think they’re starting to get past that.

10. Almost forgot one thing- if you already “like”  bsquared on facebook, due to some recent changes (including charging business pages to “reach” more people as your posts might get lost on peoples busy newsfeeds. ugh.) if you want to be sure you’re seeing all of the bsquared posts/updates you have to hover over the “liked” button and check/click on “show in news feed”. And if you’re on facebook and don’t yet like bsquared, please go and like it! bsquared on facebook.

LAURIE - June 3, 2012 - 6:55 pm

Fra-gee-lay! xoxo

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