heather + tommy = ?

I met Heather thru the guys in The Turn a few years back and she’s a total sweetheart. As it turns out she and her boyfriend were getting ready to welcome a baby boy into the world and after seeing my Jake is born slideshow, they decided they wanted to a birth session too! Everything was all cleared with the doctor that I would be allowed to be in on the delivery, however, upon arrival at the hospital I was informed that it was “hospital policy” that there were no still photographs allowed during the birth. I could take pictures before and then again a while after the delivery. What a total let down for all of us- it was all so disappointing.

I hung around for a bit, even thru some dirty looks from some of the nursing staff and took what pictures I could before I wasn’t allowed in the room anymore.

Heather made it thru most of her labor without the epidural. She and Tommy made a great team during contractions. And she kept her sense of humor.And then I was gone. But about 3 hours later, baby Hudson was born. Big congrats to the new little family and I’m so sorry I wasn’t allowed to be there to photograph it.

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