Goin Green

Our town’s annual St. Patrick’s Parade was this past Saturday. It was as late in March as I think it ever has been. It’s usually held the Saturday immediately following St. Patrick’s Day, but with Easter coming so early this year it kinda threw off the schedule. Img_5304sl Img_5313sl

Anyway, we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa’s for our $500,000 sky box parade viewing seats. Timmy lost interest pretty early on (Daddy in his firetruck, Grandpa Jack, Uncle Joe & Aunt Gail in the bagpipe band, and the horses all passed in the beginning of the parade) and went inside for some TV time with Hakka (aka Grandpa Ken). The big boys watched for a pretty long time, lost interest after seeing most of their friends in the parade, went inside for some TV, but made a second appearance once I told them Jack’s teacher from 2nd grade was there with her baby. So they stuck it out til the end so we could see and cheer for "Uncle Jerry". He’s like Santa at the end of the Thanksgiving parade- closing out the parade with style.Img_5315sl Img_5318sl Img_5322sl Img_5325sl Img_5328sl Img_5331sl Img_5333sl Img_5336sl Img_5348sl Img_5352sl Img_5354sl Img_5356sl Img_5360sl Img_5364sl Img_5372sl Maybe some hope that spring is actually coming yet! See the buds on the tree? Woohoo!


Img_5381sl John rode in his firetruck. Do you remember the whole fiasco about him and his (f******) newspaper that he HAD TO HAVE everyday after back surgery? You know, the one he was going to walk 10 blocks round trip every morning to go and get after having a hole drilled in his spine? The same paper that he cannot LIVE without every day? Well…check this out. So totally busted!Img_5327sl

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