the mcd baby

My third and final shoot from last weekend, at last. This baby was such a smiley little thing- which was especially surprising since he’s only just a month old! I don’t think I’ve ever seen social smiles (and believe me, they for sure were social smiles- not gas) in a baby this little. And when he smiled, it was really kinda heart melting! His parents said they have never seen him this awake for this long in his short life. And this baby just had the best eye contact! He was forever looking right at me. He and I really hit it off and were fast friends! Dad, as most dads, wasn’t so excited by the whole photoshoot prospect, but I think he liked me more after the Mets pictures. Img_4560sl Img_4595sl Img_4632sl Img_4659cbw Img_4799sl Img_4830sl Img_4845sl

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