the bur baby- 1st birthday shoot

Can I just say that I love this little one. This is my second time doing her pictures, and I have 3 more shoots guaranteed with them this year (they did the "growing up squared" plan with me). She is so packed full of personality and just so super cute! And she really knows how to work her parents!! So I sent them away (thanks for hiding all over the house you guys)and spent some time with her and we got some great shots. Funny, but same exact dress as the other little one year old girl I did pictures for last month! Even down to the same little birthday cake clip. To top off a great shoot, not only are the pictures I took for them last year ALL over the house, Img_4418sl Img_4434sl Img_4495mo Img_4512sl Img_4478sl Img_4549sl this house has such phenomenal light- I want to rent it out as studio space! Img_4372mo Isn’t she such a doll? So super dainty and delicate.

Well, until…Img_4412sl


I’m feeling like total crap still. Rash is still there (but I took some Benadryl so it’s better than it was) but my hands are all swollen, all my joints ache and I have a low fever. Back to the doctor tommorrow. After parent-teacher conferences first.

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