Happy, yummy Easter!!

We had such a great day today. John got the big boys up super early to get them to the 8am mass. Timmy and I stayed in bed until around 8:30 (I would’ve stayed longer but he wanted his "brekwest" so up I was). The boys got a new Wii game from the Easter Bunny (Mario v. Sonic Olympic Games), and two Kooky Pens each, along with some chocolate bunnies from grandma. Timmy got a new Planet Hero (Yuri) and was loving the chocolate and new toy.Oh, and the kid’s got great taste in chocolate. He literally spit out the "cheap chocolate" mini easter bunnies, and would only eat the expensive, hand dipped mini bunnies. Yeah, that’s my boy! Img_4873sl Img_4880sl Img_4888sl Img_4897sl

Spent the rest of the morning baking brownies and paper bag cookies with some helpers. They were particularly helpful when it came time to licking the brownie bowl.Img_4904sl_2 Img_4906sl Img_4907sl Img_4909sl Img_4912sl Img_4901sl 

Headed over to Grandma & Grandpa’s for dinner with the family around 4:00 and we were having such a great time we stayed til 9! The food was fantastic (lots of pasta and chicken) as was the company. The boys were worried that they wouldn’t have fun cause their cousins weren’t going to be there but they muddled thru and spent a lot of time talking with Grandpa Jack. And wrestling with Uncle Joe.Img_4949x Img_4950cbw Img_4953cbw Img_4954cbw Img_4960sl Img_4962sl 

It was a great Easter. And I got some great shots of my very handsome boys- I’m happy. Even took a few self portraits with Timmy. Img_4918sl Img_4922sl Img_4932sl Img_4934sl Img_4940sl Img_4944sl Img_4981sl Img_4982sl Img_4986sl 

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