the nur wedding- part two

Bridal_lounge_mosaic The bridal lounge. So far, my favorite bunch. But I guess thats kinda unfair to say since every time I edit another batch, I get new favorites! I just LOVE the bride & groom portraits- especially in the moca finish. They just look so classic- like out of the 1940’s or something.Img_1315mo Img_1328sl Img_1333mo 

The whole wedding party (including all the parents) were just so good looking, they were so easy to shoot. Had to get some of my favorite candids in there too. The kids were also adorable and were pretty cooperative, especially considering the age range.Img_1215sl Img_1238sl Img_1048sl Img_1247x Img_1266cbw Img_1284x Img_1288sl Img_1252cbw Img_1345sl Img_1371cbw Img_1380sl Img_1432cbw Img_1443sl Img_1307x Img_1504cbw Img_1529sl Img_1551sl Img_1596sl Img_1609sl Img_1533sl Img_1255sl Img_3508sc Img_1709cbw 

I know it’s kinda photo overload on this post, but there are so many good ones, I couldn’t decide! They are all in an album on the left as usual. Click on any image to see it larger. Hope you are all enjoying them. On to editing the ceremony next. 

SYDNEY - March 24, 2008 - 12:32 pm

You did such an AMAZING job Beth!!! You got sooo many really special shots! You should be super proud!! Thanks for sharing them with us so soon!!!
Sydney (one of the bridesmaids)

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