Happy {almost} Easter

Img_4119sl Some pictures from our egg dying adventures Thursday. All the boys are off school until Tuesday, so we’ve beem trying to fit in a project a day. Yesterday, we went to see Horton Hears a Who which was very cute. I love that Timmy will sit for a whole movie! But I don’t love that it costs me almost $50 to take my three kids to the movies (including snacks). What a total rip off. Img_4110x Img_4113sl Img_4117sl

Img_4120sl Img_4128sl Img_4132sl Img_4121sl Img_4138sl Img_4147sl We are planning to head over to the book store on Monday. The big boys are running low on reading material so we are going to look for something new.Img_4098x Img_4100x 

Had three shoots today and still working on editing the wedding. I hate being behind! But with the amount of shoots I have booked over the next month alone, I think I had better get used to it!

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