What are you waiting for….Purim???

Img_4054sl The above must be said in your very best Yiddish intonation. And for my many non-jewish friends out there, the correct pronounciation of Purim is Purrrr-im (purr like a cat purrs), not pure-im. The what are you waiting for thing is John’s favorite and pretty much only Jewish saying. He likes to say it a lot. My mother is thrilled that she has one Jewish grandchild (he’s not really, it’s just that his school is in a temple and they observe all the Jewish holidays). So they had a big Purim party at Timmy’s school. Here’s an overload of pictures- but they were all so cute, I couldn’t decide which ones to leave out.

Timmy loved the story of Purim and was the only one in the class to remember all the names of the people in the story. He is wearing his Hayman hat, shaking his groger (a noisemaker), and LOVED saying BOOOO whenever Hayman’s name is mentioned. Uch, such a punim (that means what a face).Img_4058sl Img_4070sl  Img_4033sl Img_4037sl Img_4038sl Img_4043sl Img_4050sl

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p a y p a l
b 2   n e w s l e t t e r