5D love

Did I mention yesterday that I LOVE my new camera? Well, I’m telling you again– I LOVE IT! In doing all the research I did over the last 6 or so months, all the reviews mentioned the WOW factor. And I just thought, yeah, yeah… but I am definitely seeing that WOW factor big time. Check out some pictures from today around here and at my mom’s house. Img_0169sl_2Img_0174slSince I’m digging them so much, I tried to make them bigger so they are easier to see on the blog, but in doing that the right side got a little cut. You can click on any image to see the whole thing. By the way, Timmy’s not in a bad mood, just really tired and probably a little hungry too.

Img_0185cbw Img_0185sl Img_0203sl Img_0207sl Img_0217sl Img_0224sl Img_0234cbw Img_0234sl Johncar

John had a St.Patrick’s party tonight for work. Dontcha think he looks like a commercial with his tux (in this house called a "tuxado" not tuxedo) and his new fancy car? Been trying to steal the car (like the ipod) but I haven’t gotten that fully yet. Yet. Oh, and here is a picture (brace yourselves, but it’s not nearly as ugly as it was before) of the scar now. Healing up. He looks better in the tux though. Img_0049 Can you tell the scar picture is with the 30d?

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