here it is….and….oh my god!!

Img_0137x Oh, new Canon 5D- how much do I love you already??!! Can I please just say "WOW"!!! I am so impressed already. The color, the quality, the clarity. Unbelievable. And I thought the 30d rocked. (Don’t worry, 30d, I still love you too). I feel a whole new level of photography coming on. And one of the best parts…hardly any learning curve on the new 5D. It’s the same camera (controls and settings wise) for the most part as the 5D. Boy, this is gonna be FUN! All the pictures following are with the 5D with the exception of the picture OF the 5D. Don’t I look so happy??!! So glad I did it. Even though I’m more than broke again. And the trip to B&H brought on a whole NEW list of things I need. Including two new lenses at about $1200 a pop. Yeah, those are waiting…

Img_0144sl Img_0156sl Img_0060sl Img_0066sl Img_0069sl Img_0071sl Img_0093sl Img_0100sl Img_0104sl Img_0107cbw Img_0119sl

I know I blew out some of the highlights on the sides of the big boys faces, but the sun kept going in and out and I wasn’t fast enough in changing the settings. Not the camera. Just me on that. Please continue to ignore my horrendous roots. That will be fixed on Saturday. John took the one of Patrick and I. I have pictures to post of him tommorrow. His scar is looking better.

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