the walking dead…in legos (season 3)

These are my favorites from the project.

T-Dog, Rick, Daryl, Glenn & Maggie clearing the prison.

The Green Family. Axel on explaining why Carol must be a lesbian. Some of the prison crew.Michonne doing what Michonne does best.Some of the Woodbury crew. Including (my favorite) Penny the Governor’s zombie daughter. Merle (with his new knife hand), Michonne & the Gov in Woodbury.The Gov brushing his psycho zombie daughter Penny’s hair. Michonne & The Gov have at it in his office. Poor Penny. (ok, she wasn’t actually decapitated in the show but we couldn’t figure out a way to get the katana through her lego head).The Gov and his wall of zombie heads in fishtanks in his office. This one makes me laugh (in a somewhat insane way) every time I look at it.

Back to regular non-zombie posting this weekend. On my way out this morning for a photoshoot of a family who is only together once a year. Looking forward to capturing some amazing, happy, family memories for them. Even in the cold. (I can feel the tan leaching out of my body by the second).

Two other quick things- the boys have their interview at Regis High School this weekend so please send some good thoughts their way. A boy in our town who is a past client was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please keep Dougie and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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