visiting wrigley

A few weeks after our last visit (can’t even believe how big she’s getting so fast), we got to visit “our dog we no longer own”. This was Timmy’s first visit with Wrigley since we had to give her away and even though he kept his hands in his pockets the whole time (so he wouldn’t pet her- so he wouldn’t get all allergic) he still had a great time visiting her. There was lots of running around the backyard with both dogs (Wrigley and her big/little brother Wilson) and the boys totally wore her out. She’s now about 4.5 months old and is as gorgeous as I thought she would be. Thick boned (she’s going to be a big girl who will probably still think she’s a lap dog when she’s 90lbs!), gorgeous white fur and deep black pigment. And that little pink tongue and “golden smile”- she’s drop dead gorgeous.

The below pic was taken on our 2nd day with Wrigley- quite a difference, right?

This is big/little brother Wilson. So cute!They totally fight like brother and sister. Lots of growling and barking (mostly from Wilson) but then they continue to goad each other and play more. Worn out.

Thanks again Mrs. P and family for the visit

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