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So those of you who are my Facebook friends know that I’ve recently signed Timmy up with a modeling agency. He’s booked a job as a background extra on 30 Rock (I watched the scene/episode he was in and didn’t really see him, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. And he still got paid!), got a call for a go-see for Toys R US that we couldn’t make cause we were going to be in Disney, then a call for a Children’s Place go-see where he was one about 5,329 kids being seen (I don’t think he got that job cause we haven’t heard anything). Then I got a call the other day that the casting people on a new pilot for CBS (tv) chose Timmy to be in the print ads for the show and maybe some extra work on it as well. The show is called The Ordained. The wardrobe dept. called me to let me know what he’s going to be wearing for the shoot/set- it’s a Kennedy-esque family set in 1988. So think a preppy, 80’s Kennedy kid. So excited!! Looks like the shoot will be next week. I’ll keep you all posted. Oh, and Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley/Hugo from LOST) is one of the cast members. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to meet Hurley!

Here’s Timmy on his go-see for Children’s Place. You know I loooooove that shirt!

And as luck would have it, I recently bought a pair of penny loafers, a pair of chuck taylors and a pair of Ray-Bans for Timmy for a stylized shoot I’m working on. (the penny loafers are also for his upcoming communion). So in the realm of all things 1988 preppy Kennedy kid, he threw on the glasses and popped his collar. Like, bitchin.

ANONYMOUS - March 15, 2013 - 11:26 am

He is the cutest 80’s boy!!!!!

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