the bsquared summer calendar- now open for booking

Well, in hopes that this post will somehow force summer to come (or at least spring. Can’t we have some weather that is not winter? Please?) because my great plan of purchasing flip flops a week ago didn’t work out so well. John said that leaving them out on the table wasn’t really quite the same as putting Mary in the window- hey, it was worth a shot. So I’m opening up the bsquared summer calendar thru August for booking. You can find that calendar here.

I opened it up yesterday to subscribers of the bsquared newsletter (which you can subscribe to if you aren’t already by clicking the b2 newsletter tab on the left side of your screen. It’s worth it to get a jump on the fall calendar before it goes ‘public’ this summer.) and a lot of dates went quickly, especially beach sessions. So it gives me hope that maybe other people think summer might actually come this year too. If you’re interested in booking a date, you can email me (at bethbeyrer at yahoo dot com), leave me a message here on the blog or on my Facebook bsquared page or text me or call me or send me smoke signals- whatever your preferred method of communication might be.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Dates are booked first come, first served.

And since I’ll be taking bsquared on the road a little bit this year (Boston for Memorial Day weekend. California, Arizona & Nevada in early August) I’m hoping to meet some new bsquared friends and take fabulous pictures in totally new (to me) locations. So hit me up if you live out that way or will be visiting the same time I will be and we’ll get you set up for a bsquared session. In a whole ‘nother state!!

And here’s a summer shot. Cause I know I’ve almost forgotten how it actually looks. (still have to scope out the beaches before the summer season- see where we will be shooting and what dunes are missing from Sandy. Going to be interesting.)

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