royals vs island trees

Like I said, this has become a communion/baseball blog. But thats okay, as long as the pictures are good, right? Another Royals game (at the Garden City complex) where the day started out all nice and warm and within a few innings (and the sun heading down) it was ffffffreezing again. Gotta just love springtime.

Patrick on the mound.

Doreen & Jill.Jack pitching.James with a great catch.Sean with all the little kids. He substitutes as a jungle gym.Glenn pitching.And sliding into 3rd later in the game.Mr. A tied poor Julia up tight.Patrick.Diane & Fran all wrapped up. It was freezing. James.Mr. A and Julia. Told you he was the pied piper. Michael & Mr. A. Anthony.Jill & Julia. (happy mothers day!)Olivia & Colleen. Colleen hit a homerun in her game earlier in the day. Good job!More communicants next week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mothers Day.

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