10 for Tuesday (on Wednesday)

So I’m a little behind…not new news.

1. Timmy made his big commercial debut. This was the shoot we did up at an elementary school in CT (that it took us 5hrs to get to) for Carhartt. It was a really fun shoot and the resulting commercial is super cute. Timmy doesn’t get a lot of airtime, but there’s still some of him at :08 and again at :30.

2. I posted on my bsquared Facebook page, but I know not all of you are on Facebook. bsquared will be in California and Arizona this summer. Here are the dates, please shoot me a message if you’re interested in a session out that way. I’d love to photograph a few families out there- totally new scenery and locations make me happy!! (you know, if I survive the flights!)

San Francisco 8/3-5
Los Angeles 8/6 daytime only
San Diego 8/7-8/8
LA again 8/9 (may not be available this day. plans still not settled)
Phoenix AZ 8/10-12

3. Feeling the need to do something for the families in Oklahoma. Thinking about what exactly is the best way to donate, but I think I’ll send some $ or gift cards. Does anyone know of any direct-type contacts out there? (a church or other local organization?) I don’t like sending to the Red Cross as I want to be sure the donation goes directly to the people who need it. After the whole Sandy experience here, I’ve heard from a lot of people who were in need of help didn’t get what they needed from the RC. If you have any direct contacts or know of any local places that are accepting donations (and are trustworthy) please let me know? Thanks.

4. Yeah, this was from Fathers Day of last year. Figured I should get it posted before this year’s Fathers Day rolls around.

5. One of my bsquared friends let me know that the Jake is born video isn’t working anymore, so I re-uploaded it and here it is again.

6. So, Jodi Arias. She is either some kind of evil genius (saying she wants the death penalty and then she doesn’t. So maybe using reverse psychology will get her whatever it is that she actually wants.) or is bringing the game of crazy to an entirely new level. I have yet to decide. But that allocution yesterday was….something.

7. And here is a snapshot from last summer’s town fireworks. Hanging at the Firehouse after shooting a wedding. And again, figured I should post it before this year’s fireworks have come and gone too.

8. I have 4 senior sessions booked in the next few weeks- 2 girls and 2 boys. So excited to rock these out in some cool locations with awesome graduating high school seniors. I will post the pictures just as quick as I can once the shoots are done. Now if the weather is cooperative, that would be a huge step in the right direction.

9. Some older ones of Timmy and his crazy hair (I think these were from January or so. When he still had teeth.). The kid consistently cracks himself up. I don’t know if you saw the conversation between him and Patrick yesterday that I posted on Facebook. But it was worth repeating, so here you go:

kids are funny. Patrick’s watching Timmy and his friend outside and the conversation goes:
P: Let’s make a deal (on what to play)
T: No, no deals! (being bratty)
P: Watch it Timmy or else I’m going to make you go upstairs and sit in your room alone.
T (to me standing in the door): Can he even DO that??

10. Can’t even believe that the school year is almost over and its time for the beach. We’re setting up the locker this weekend for our 14th summer at Sun & Surf. Just hoping the weather cooperates. I need to get out of the pollen-ridden town and head to the pollen-free beach for a few hours at least. My eyeballs are miserable.

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