ssms vs turtle hook

This was the last game I took pictures at. Guess I just got a little overwhelmed with client work and didn’t want to pile on any more pictures to the “to be edited” pile that grows daily (at least it seems that way!) This is also the game where I got hit in the abdomen with a line drive foul ball. Yeah, that left a mark (like a yellow, purple, blue, green, orange, red mark. I was all the colors of the rainbow.) And since I come from a long line of hypochondriacs I googled internal bleeding symptoms. At least I waited until I got home instead of doing it at the game. That’s something, right?

This game was vs Turtle Hook in Uniondale. Jack pitched 4 innings and they won! (sorry in advance about the zillion pictures of Jack pitching. I was a little excited!)

This kid was super little and they way he squatted down while at bat was ridiculous. His strike zone was like 3 inches off the ground (I really sound like I know what I’m talking about, right?). Jack walked him the first time but struck him out the second. I mean the kid is the same size while batting as the catcher for godsakes.So you see the gorgeous streaming light behind the boys in this picture? That is totally my new location to shoot. But no little kids cause god knows what’s in the grass over there and I have an ex-cop, ex-military friend on standby to run security over there for me while shooting cause the neighborhood is a little sketchy at best. But look how pretty it is!!It was so much fun photographing the middle school team this season (even if it meant taking one for the team w the line drive) and thank you to all the parents who sent me emails that they enjoyed all the photographs. Wishing all the boys good luck next year in high school and 8th grade!

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