robby’s christening

Getting closer to being caught up, but not quite there yet. Robby (who’s newborn session I did a few months ago) was christened a few weeks back at St Raymond and then celebrated with a big party back at his parents house. It was a lovely, but really hot, day and for the short time I was there it looked like everyone was having a great day, even Robby!

I love his chubby cheeks.

Not thrilled w the anointing process, and poor big sister Natalie looks worried. He was fine within seconds and went right back to sleep.The big moment. Which he slept thru. Now that’s one happy, blessed baby!
Yes, this is their backyard. The whole thing. Looks like an amusement park, right? So much of it (or possibly all of it) was destroyed during Sandy with the water in the river coming up so high it flooded their house too. But it’s gorgeous and perfect again after a ton of hard work. Dad HATES getting his picture taken. This was perhaps the only time in my history of knowing this family that I didn’t have to remind him to smile. Knowing nothing about workshops myself even I could tell this one is beyond amazing. I love his neatness and organization. There’s a fire pit under that table. Cousins.Besties. One of the owners of my dog I no longer own. Adorbs.I’m sure you remember this handsome boy from his christening and party.The next two pictures weren’t set up, but are so perfect. Besties and besties- the mothers to the daughters.

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