the royals at rehoboth

So two weeks ago the Royals travelled down to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for a baseball tournament. Of course, it was like the hottest week EVER with temps in the upper 90’s to low 100’s, ever so lovely for both watching and playing baseball. It was so freaking hot, that I literally had sweat dripping off me while standing still in the shade. Because of that, I was really sadly lax on the picture taking portion of the 4 days we were there. The camera was burning hot within minutes of being out in the sun (even at the 8am game) and I was just so hot and cranky that I didn’t even want to take pictures. So I apologize to all the families for the serious lack of pictures. We’ll just have to live off the memories for a while and the few pictures I did take.

I decided that I should bring something fun for the boys and families. When we went to Cooperstown last year, I bought all the boys drawstring backpacks w the Royals logo and their #s. This year it was cookies (and they were soooooo good) from my new friend Colleen, owner of Dover Girls Desserts. (you should like her fb page if you haven’t yet!) We came up with jerseys for all the kids and the coaches w their names and #s, along with some other baseball “accessory” cookies. Underneath the iced cookies were delicious oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. Between the ridiculous heat and the car ride, a few of them got a little squished on the way down but they still tasted awesome. I didn’t want to unwrap them before putting them in the car so the pictures aren’t that great. (sorry Colleen!) But she did take some pictures before handing them over, so you can see those on her page.

After driving down in two cars (too much stuff for one car w all of us in it) and me taking part of the Luvin family with me, we checked into the hotel and headed over to TGI Fridays for dinner with most of the team. The kids table was a huge, gigantic, loud, sweaty, burpy, happy mess. Fran, Ro, Jill and Diane. And Patrick for the photo bomb. The hotel (which was really nice w big rooms. Just not enough rollaway beds. Glad I brought my friend’s blowup mattress for Timmy). Posting the “fun” pictures before the baseball pictures, so the trip is kinda out of order on the blog. This is also the hotel that Timmy got lost in for a while. Well, he knew where he was but I didn’t and freaked out. Like that heart in the pit of your stomach, I’m going to be on the 10 o’clock news, he’s gone forever freak out. He left with his brothers and some of the other kids but didn’t tell me he was going or where he was going. Doreen found him hanging with the boys (thanks Doreen and thanks for keeping me from completely losing my shit) and he was in biiiiig trouble after that. Went down to the boardwalk which was a lot of fun. Not even a little breeze off the ocean though, and it was in the upper 80s at night. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life. Not even in Florida. Timmy reading up on the history of Rehoboth, Tony & Doreen being happy. Kevin dancing in the spice shop (this might be my favorite picture of the trip). And the boys pretending to be interested in spices so they could stay in the air conditioned store. From the left: Patty, Mike, Diane, Todd (without the effing pretzel nuggets), Ro, John, Doreen, Tony, Charlie, Jill, Rob, Laura, Bob, me, John. Photocredit to Jack. And I love these people!!I wish I was big…Kevin, Tony & John. Playland. Kinda gross and kinda fun and really effing hot. I played some skee ball with Jack, Timmy did some rides and bumper cars with Patrick too. Most of the team and the siblings. We travel with a biiiiig group. And the best part is how well they all get along, including (and maybe especially) all the siblings! The first game was at 8am. Ew. Jack pitching.Coach Healy coaching. And getting in the way of my pictures as always.Johnny.Aymar.James.Glenn, Patrick, Mike L. James, Jack C and Johnny.Patrick.Patrick and John.Anthony. Mike.Jack C.Patrick (he is also Patrick B, but this one doesn’t belong to me)Patrick (mine).Patrick. Aymar.Patrick.Mike (Johnny too)Jack C.
Glenn.Jack C.Jack. And although they didn’t win any games, we had a great (but sweaty) time! I guess it’s kinda like being on the Mets- it builds character. These kids should have enough character saved up to last thru high school.Still smiling. Mostly.

front row: Patrick, Glenn, Patrick, Mike L, Aymar

back row: Coach John, Coach Rob, Mike, Coach Kevin, Johnny, James, Zach, Nick, Jack, Coach John H., Anthony & Jack C.

And then we got home and Patrick had to go to the hospital. But you know that part already.

Lots more client sessions on the blog this week and then I’m off on vacation until 8/22. I’ll be checking emails occasionally and possibly posting some personal posts/pictures but won’t be editing, ordering or any other bsquared business until after 8/22. See you here tomorrow!

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