summer baseball trip- san francisco (alcatraz & cable cars)

Spent the rest of the day on Sunday 8/4 over at Alcatraz Island. I was really looking forward to this part of the trip- you know me and my twisted sense of whats awesome. All I could think was Walking Dead (prison) meets Shutter Island. Unfortunately, whatever we had for lunch at Pier 33 made me sooooo sick to my stomach so what I really got was a great tour of the Alcatraz bathrooms. Awesome. So I didn’t take the tour, just stayed outside (and close to the bathrooms) and shot from there.

The boat on the way over. I told Jack that the boat was reeeeeeeally little and they had to take one person over at a time. Like in Splash. “where are you going mr. fat jack??”  “to get the little boat” “the LITTLE boat?!?” (you HAVE to watch it. You’ll laugh, guaranteed.)Again, one side sunny the other side cloudy. Its like a schizophrenic city.I knew container ships were huge, but this was crazy huge in real life.Those are people on the second level from the bottom. All I could hear in my head was the Shutter Island music. (you should keep the music playing in the background while you view the rest of this post.)My favorite part of the whole Island. Visions of photoshoots right there.Need this super big in my house. This picture and the next one were taken within minutes of each other (how long it took me to walk from one side to the other). Crazy city.The next day (Monday 8/5) we did the next touristy thing (after another delicious breakfast at Sears) and took the cable car down to the wharf area.We lucked out and got the outside standing area. However, I couldn’t change my camera settings or hold the camera correctly cause I was busy trying not to fall off and to hold onto Timmy who was standing too. Not an easy task I can tell ya.Where they turn the cable cars around. Reminds me of Thomas the Tank engine days.You can barely make out the bridge in the background just to the left of Patrick’s head.Lombard St. Can’t see the curvy part from where we were very well.Our trip wouldn’t be complete without it.
Ice cream for lunch.And then we (I) had the bright idea to walk back uphill to Lombard St and take the cable car back from there to the hotel. The cable car part was a great idea. The walking uphill not so much.Francisco. That’s fun to say! (name the movie)Yeah, we walked up that shit. Stopped quite a few times leaning on trees and mailboxes and having a few small heart attacks.He was particularly good on the bells.When I asked Jack to take one picture where he didn’t look annoyed, a few other tourists found that quite amusing. Jack, however, did not.Ok, who in RVC remembers Swensens??! He was NOT happy with me after the hill. That’s kinda the “get the fuck away from me” smile. Then all was good when they went shopping at the team store before the game (this store was in SF city). Mommy Dearest, I’m so sorry I didn’t get you this shirt. It would go great w the Florida toll-takers one you have. Happy because there is baseball stuff around. Then they headed to the Giants game (and I found another sushi restaurant nearby the hotel. Thanks, Yelp!)I’ll leave you with this total amazingness to end the SF part of the trip. Next up, SoCal  including Disney, San Diego & driving. 

BETH OW'W - August 20, 2013 - 9:04 am

Amazing shots, loved how you made decay and neglect look good, Alcatraz. And Elf !!!(duh)

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