summer baseball trip- disneyland & dodgers

We had a few days off from baseball but there was Disneyland to be done so we were all definitely not without fun! (and now I could partake in the fun because I looooooove Disney!)

Disneyland is way different than Disneyworld. To me, it didn’t have that same “magical” vibe you feel at DW, the cast members weren’t nearly as cheerful and excited and there were definitely fewer cast members than at DW. There is no feeling of Disney Immersion at DL since there are only two parks (a few 100 feet from each other) and you walk thru Downtown Disney to get there, so there is no real monorail or bus service or boats. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel which was lovely and as close to being “on campus” as you can get. But it just wasn’t the same. Some rides were better, some worse, some totally different. But all in all, I’m still a DW girl. But DL is something you have to do.

The first day we went was 8/8 and we started with Disney’s California Adventure. And Timmy & Patrick actually braved the big roller coaster in the background and rode it. They loved it! Definitely more of a Six Flags type of setting in this park, but with a Disney flair to it.

Swings were super fun.
Patrick got a zillion compliments and a zillion people looking at his sneakers the whole trip. This jumping jellyfish ride was lame, but it made for pretty pictures.View from the tippity-top of the ferris wheel.

Grizzly River Rapids was awesome. And very wet. 

Cars Land was amazing. You walked right into the movie. We didn’t ride this day, but on our last day we did ride the Radiator Springs Racers (a Cars version of Test Track from Epcot) and it was sooooo fun!! Loved it!Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree ride.Cozy Cone Motel was actually like a food court- with “pop cone”, ice cream cones, and “chili cone queso”. Clever.Cute bumpers car ride which would be better if you could steer with a wheel instead of by moving your body side to side. Then on 8/9 it was the big boys birthday and Disneyland all day- well, until the Dodgers game that night. Hit both parks that day. The castle is way too little. Like teeny tiny. But its still Disney.

Cannot even believe they are 14! But couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day than at Disney with my first babies. We did as much as we could that day before having to leave for the game. Haunted Mansion. (much more scary looking in DW, same on inside). But I did like the whole New Orleans Square area. Big Thunder Mountain (our favorite Disney ride) was closed, but we did  Splash Mountain. Pretty much the same except the flume was single file at DL as opposed to 2 per row in DW. Patrick ended up in the front seat and was soaked. Totally soaked. The Matterhorn Bobsleds. Was not a fan. Not fun and no drops, not twisty and too jerky. Felt like I had whiplash after this one.Fake smiles from the real birthday boy.

Then it was off to the Dodgers game. I was prepared with my Kindle fully charged. We had to leave much earlier than the game time because of the famed LA traffic. It’s all true.
Dodgers Stadium, with bug guts thru the windshield.
Hakka was very excited for the Dodger dog. Notice how there were no pictures of him at Disney? Yeah, he hates it there and didn’t come.I tried to embrace it. I did. I did like the Dodger dog (and that was John’s beer and the boys shirts and crap in the bag) but that was about it. I just can’t like it. And no one can make me. But they were happy.We got their names up on the board for their birthday. On the blue part below the big screen it says “Happy 14th birthday Jack & Patrick”. 
I was in a total panic because at the bottom of the 9th the Dodgers came back and tied it up. No extra innings, please! I could barely handle the 9 that there were. I made the executive decision that I am done with baseball games. Not going to anymore. Ever. (Well, unless the boys start playing or owning a MLB team, I’m  otherwise officially done.)

Saturday 8/10 was our last day in California so we decided to forgo all the typical LA sightseeing stuff (like the Hollywood sign, or Walk of Fame, or Venice Beach, etc) and just hang at Disney for one last full day. We hit both parks and rode some of our favorites again and the rides we didn’t cover yet. The Jungle Cruise (same as DW, but the rivers were in a different order and the guide not as funny), Indian Jones Adventure (I thought it was fun, boys didn’t love it), Pirates of the Carribean (much better at Disneyland- the ride was longer, two drops instead of one and the drops were bigger, and the ride was cooler going thru restaurants and stuff).

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (much shorter wait- well, no wait at all- from DW, but no fun queue stuff to do. Ride seemed a bit shorter.), The waits in Fantasyland for Dumbo, Snow White, Casey Jr Circus train, Mr Toad, Peter Pan were all hugely long so we just skipped them. We did do the Pinocchio ride which they don’t have at DW and it was cute. We didn’t make it to small world either, or to Mickey’s Toon Town. The DL train that circles the park was good- same as DW but the seats sat facing one direction like stadium seating. Guess theres nothing to see on the other side. Tomorrowland in DW is overall much better and I really missed Carousel of Progress! The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride was cute and fun (and reminded me of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride from ages ago in DW, except w a Nemo twist.)

Mine. Mine. Mine.
Outside of ToyStory Mania. And the Buzz ride in DL, called Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters instead of BL Space Ranger Spin, was actually much better in DL. Better blasters that came out of the holsters and vibrated and chimed when you hit a target. Star Tours was pretty much exactly the same, and so was Soarin. But the waits were super short on both compared to DW which was nice!

And then  we finished up the day with fireworks. MUCH better in DW. The castle was too short and the fireworks were too high (I guess so they could be seen from different areas) and they weren’t exactly over the castle but more to the left. Doesn’t work for my type-A issues. Music for fireworks was ok, but it was no Wishes. Flying Tinkerbell and flying Dumbo were a nice touch though. 

The next morning it was getting on our way to Arizona. So just one more trip report to go.

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